5 Tips to Create Engaging Content



When it comes to create new content for your social media, it´s pretty normal to go to thru a mind blocking and the doubts whether your content is going to work or make an impact appear. It doesn´t matter if its your first time creating content or you are an experience community manager or content creator, it´s handy to always follow some tips and advices to pass thru the blocking more easily. Here are our 5 tips to make your very own engaging content:


1.Follow the 80/20 Rule.

Try to create a mixture of entertaining posts and selling posts. 80% of the content should be social that relate to your product or audience. The remaining 20% should be about the product or service. The constant post of promotions can make a negative impact on your followers and will run away from your product. If you are watching TV and there´s just commercial, there´s a big chance that you will just change the channel.


  1. Try to have a good posting strategy

Minimum you should post 3 times per week. Pages under 10,000 fans experience a 50% drop in engagement if they posted more than once a day. Also, it is recommended to post at the morning or after 7pm. Schedule your posts in advance to focus on content ideas.


  1. Get as much fresh ideas as possible

Every month should be different from the last one. Investigate about fun or important holidays, learn about hashtags and marketing activities that suit your business goals. Your business should own creative and new content , 50% of shoppers have made a purchase bases on a social media recommendation. If you want to have ideas right away check this article.


  1. Provide information from your web page

Updates become appealing content for your followers.  But don´t try to inform everything right away, make the people want to click on your web link.  Making your link stand out will increase your clickthoughts.



  1. Learn some copy hacks

There´s nothing written on stone on how to create a good copy, but some advices can make your life so much easier. Copies should be short, shareable, action-oriented and willing to create a conversation with followers. Your content should have elements like questions, an ask for action, images, links and emoticons (with a rational use). A video can´t be harmful once in a while.


Now, it´s your turn to put these advices on the go. Don´t get disappointed if the results don’t appear right away. Content creating will always be an experiment.



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