5 Essential Tools for your Mobile Marketing Strategy


mobile maketing
Customers have gone mobile. Have you?

Over the last few years the use of smartphones have sky rocketed, with many joining the small-screen fever. Its portability and considerable improvements over the last few years have made this possible.

A smartphone’s screen has become the primary channel for research and shopping, with 4 out of 5 consumers using their handhelds to make a purchase. Moreover, 75% of smartphone users openly admit to take their phones into the bathroom, mainly to check out social media, latest news and shopping sites.

Nowadays 70% of the mobile device research lead to an online purchase within the hour. When it comes to the mobile marketing industry, it clearly shows that if you are not developing a mobile campaign to maintain current customers and attract new ones, you might as well forget about online leads.

Internet usage in 2014 shows that 51% belongs to the mobile sector, while desktops and tablets are falling behind, so mobile responsive website is a must in your digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, mobile marketing campaigns are no longer just about SMS’s but can leverage 5 key tools:


1. Mobile Responsive website: Taking into account the current level of mobile web browsing, having a nice mobile responsive site is critical to your marketing efforts. A lead can be converted into a purchase if your website is appealing enough to the viewer; most users compare the quality of the item or service against the quality of where they are purchasing it from.

2. Mobile Application: One of the cornerstones of digital marketing, apps have been around for quite some time now. One good app design and execution can lead to achieving a high customer satisfaction. Of course, your application allows for direct engagement, payment, and targeted advertising, especially if you are selling through it. Your app can prove to be one of your most valuable assets in a digital marketing strategy.

3. Push Notifications: Started with iPhone in the year 2007 and later on introduced to Android users, it’s an effective way for app owners to reach out their end users. In the long run is cheaper than SMS though initial development costs might be high.

4. Short Message Services: Yes, it might sound tedious and old fashioned, with all the new social media apps out there, who would bother sending out massive SMS’s to customers and clients? However, this tactic is still effective in some cases. Sending vouchers and discount coupons to your loyal clients is one way to show them how much you appreciate them.

5. Multimedia Message Services: Content such as a timed slideshow of images, text, audio and video can be contained in a MMS. Most mobile phones are capable of sending Multimedia Messages, and in various networks many sponsored messages from brands can be sent P2P (Person to Person).

The Mobile Marketing world has just begun to expand. A broad variety of tools are available and can drive your business to success. With the right development and execution of strategic campaigns, you can reach thousands of potential customers, if not millions. Mobile Marketing is not a chance but a reality, so contact Semdrive now to get started!



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