WordPress Top 5: Power To Your Enterprise

From being just a simple blogging platform, WordPress has become a powerful CMS platform. Over the past few years, this platform has grown leaps and bound, becoming the #1 choice of everyone. In comparison to all other CMS platforms, WordPress can really power your business. Wondering how? Keep on reading:

1. Instantly Available And Easy To Setup

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s simple to use and extremely easy to configure. Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress can be setup in just a few minutes.

2. Safe And Secure Platform

Since WordPress is a popular CMS platform, therefore, it’s on top of every hacker’s list. However, WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously. In case you are still in doubt, you can practice some basic security measures like not downloading themes and plugins from untrusted websites. WordPress constantly updates its software to prevent hack attacks and keep its users safe.

3. Search Engine Friendly CMS

WordPress is one platform that offers search engine friendly components like permalinks, images, etc. This allows search engine bots to easily crawl through your website content and index it with a better ranking. This will not only help you drive traffic to your website, but you would also be able to reach a wider audience base and promote your business.

4. Highly Customizable

While designing your website, it’s important to keep your business goals in your mind. The good thing about WordPress is that it’s highly customizable, so you can easily bend and mould your website according to your whims.

WordPress comes packed with a plethora of cool themes and plugins. You can use a theme that perfectly compliments your business. You can customize it to suit your requirements. There are also a lot of useful plugins present in the WordPress repository. You can choose any plugin and integrate a desired functionality on your website.

5. Helps You Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

These days, it’s important for a website to be mobile-friendly, so that the users can access the website on the go. If you are using WordPress, you don’t have to worry anything. All WordPress websites are already mobile-friendly, thanks to the so-many responsive themes present in the WordPress repository.

Well, these are just a few of the compelling benefits that this platform has to offer, trust me there are more. If you ask me WordPress is the way to go! So what are you waiting for, install WordPress, find an affordable web hosting service, create an awesome website and take your business to great heights.

What do you think? Share your experience of using WordPress in the comment section below.

WordPress vs. Joomla

Both WordPress and Joomla can be used to create amazing websites. Both are content management systems. Both can be expanded using plugins, which can easily be found on the Internet reaching to the far corners of the universe (maybe a slightexaggeration). Both can use themes or templates to change the look of the site. Both can be installed on your own server, so there are no specific hosts and subscriptions to deal with. Even the cost of ownership is similar. Both are free – WordPress under GPLv2 License and Joomla under the GNU Public License. Both have an active community that helps design, build, and support their favorite systems.



JOOMLA VS. WordPress



Whichever CMS you decide to use, you are going to need to spend a bit of time learning the ins and outs of the system, especially if you’re going to attempt developing it yourself.  Yes, WordPress is a little more intuitive than Joomla, but the “complexity” of Joomla allows it to be a much more versatile system.

The fact is it comes down to personal preference. It’s a subjective decision and this is the reason why the WordPress v Joomla debate will continue. Decide which system suits your purpose and go for it.



WordPress continues to dominate the content management system space, dramatically outpacing other well-known CMS options like Joomla and Drupal.

Source: CodeGuard

Experts on CMS expect WordPress to continue to lead the pack for the time because "many hosting providers make it trivially easy to install WordPress on a standard shared hosting account and some are even offering specialized packages that just focus on providing customers with a single WordPress installation."

Most importantly, it is the most user-friendly of all the CMS tools when it comes to our end users, who are often not technical people (department secretaries, some faculty members.) 
WordPress does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge unlinke Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. A preinstalled plugin and template function allows them to be installed very easily. All you need to do is to choose a plugin or a template and click on it to install.
It's good choice for beginners.

According to CodeGuard as many as three-fourths of new websites are built with WordPress, largely due to it's ease of use and huge catalog of plugins that make personalizing the CMS a snap.

The WordPress community is extremely diligent in their efforts to keep WordPress secure and as long as you use best practices, you're going to be as safe as you would be with any other environment.

WordPress is a very good script to create your website. It is one of the simpliest to use of all solutions available on the internet. It's very good choose for a beginner's.