The Most Common Website Problems That Affect Business

The Most Common Website Problems That Affect Businesses

Your company’s website is it’s most important online sales asset, period. If you expect to create any sort of value for your company through your website, you need to make sure it’s armed for the task.

Bounce Rate is the indicator that shows you how many people are leaving your website after seeing a single page. When your bounce rate is high, it means visitors aren’t liking what they are seeing or aren’t finding what they’re looking for in your website, even though your company might actually provide what they need. If your visitors are bouncing, your website may have problems related to one or more of these categories:

In this blog, we want to take an in-depth look into the most common website issues affecting businesses all around the globe:


Clean, responsive, and visually-appealing design is indispensable for a corporate website. Your visitors need to like what they see first and foremost before you can start expecting them to provide you with their information. Design problems can range from unappealing or outdated visual design to issues with the website’s internal structure. Poor design can result in slow loading time, confusing navigation, and altogether failing to capture leads or even keep visitors interested in staying. Some of the most common website design problems out there are:


A visually-appealing website will keep your visitors interested for only a short period of time if your content isn’t up to standards. We like to say that “Content is King” because content is the answer to your public’s questions. Content is your online sales pitch; you don’t have a face-to-face interaction with your visitors, so whatever they read on your website has to convince them to take the next step. Content also needs to fulfill certain standards so that search engines can find it. As important as content is, it’s probably the area where many business websites are weakest.  Some common content issues are:


So, your website’s look and feel are modern and intuitive, and you regularly add relevant content, but you’re still not getting enough organic visits. You may have missed out on a critical step: SEO.

SEO used to be seen as an afterthought, but nowadays optimization is considered a minimum requirement for search engines to give your website any sort of attention. SEO needs to be taken into consideration from the very first steps of content design. Keywords need to be researched, strategized, and implemented with a tactical approach. Overall, SEO is not an overly complicated process, but you need to know what you're doing to get it right. Common SEO issues are:

Lead Capturing

Lead capturing is the science of funneling a lead through your website content a towards them giving you their information to start the sales process. There both front-end and back-end characteristics of lead capturing optimization. A well-designed information flow, strong Calls to Action (CTAs), and comprehensive contact forms are all part of the front-end aspect of lead-capturing. Behind the curtains, the lead funnel needs to be able to notify your sales team and get them to act quickly. Some of the most common website problems relating to the lead capturing process are:

If you are experiencing any of the most common website issues that affect business, you may need some expert advice. Contact our team to find out how your website can improve and become a powerful sales asset for your company.

CXGlobals' Growing Partner Channel

Our Growing Partner Channel Network

Building a brand online takes more than just setting up a website and a few social media accounts. It requires a dedicated strategy, careful execution, and continuous monitoring and followup. Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses find it difficult to build their online presence at a reasonable cost, as well as finding a digital marketing partner they can genuinely trust. This is where Partner Channel networks can make a difference.

CXGlobals has built its reputation and nurtured its expertise on strong, trustworthy partnerships. For over a decade, we have developed customized digital marketing strategies and services for our B2B Partner Channels. This approach has been beneficial both for us a company as well as for a long list of customers who have been able to find a digital marketing agency that is cost-effective and highly flexible. Channel Partners receive a special deal that gives them an affordable solution for their web development, graphic design, content development, social media management, and online marketing needs. They also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will work with a partner that is familiar with their industry and the products they sell.

CXGlobals dedicates time and resources towards building a stronger and further-reaching network of partners, searching for a mutual benefit for all parties involved. This effort takes commitment and professionalism, ensuring that trust and transparency are primary factors in all of our business relationships. We would like to highlight two of our ongoing Partner Channel programs with industry leaders Microsoft and SAP.

The R.A.C.E. Framework

All of our marketing and development projects are based on a success framework we call R.A.C.E., which stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage. Each of these phases represents a step in your digital journey and the actions that are executed during each one. Reach initiatives are focused on improving core digital marketing techniques and online demand generation. Act initiatives are focused on analyzing and improving interactions and conversion throughout your digital properties. Convert initiatives are meant to identify improvement opportunities to increase lead conversion through Business Intelligence analytics, sales funnels, and CRM integrations. Finally, the Engage initiatives are meant to gauge and improve the level of customer engagement that you are having across all your digital marketing assets.

Learn more about the R.A.C.E. Framework here.

Microsoft DigitalStride

Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft has been one of our most valued relationships. We work closely with Microsoft tools and have been doing so for well over a decade. We understand Microsoft products and how to market Microsoft business solutions effectively. This is why we have built a specialized channel for Microsoft partners with the DigitalStride program. Microsoft Partners are eligible to contract DigitalStride services as a benefit to help them develop their brand as Microsoft service providers, solution designers, and product resellers.

If you are interested in applying for DigitalStride, you can access the program through by clicking here.

SAP Partner Benefit Catalog: Digital Booster

CXGlobals has worked with many SAP Partners helping them with web development, content development, and organic and paid demand generation projects. Our growing expertise in marketing innovative SAP products, such as SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo has helped us build an exciting new program exclusively for members of SAP Partner network that have access to the SAP Partner Benefit Catalog. Our Digital Booster program enables SAP-focused small and medium businesses to create a digital presence, rebrand their image, and improve demand generation, website traffic, social media, and online conversion using marketing development funds (MDF) provided by SAP. With SAP taking on a significant portion of the costs, partners will find a reasonable path towards developing their digital marketing efforts.

If you are an SAP Partner, you can find the Digital Booster services through SAP's Partner Benefit Catalog that you may access here.

WordPress 4.9: The Best Release Ever

Improve the way you edit code with the new and safer version of WordPress. Its new widgets will let you customize your website with better advantage and enhancements, let´s take a look at them:


Code Editing Improvements: CodeMirror

The most drastic improvement to code editing in 4.9 is that you can actually code editing control rather than having an assistance input. This sounds familiar for developers that have been using WordPress for over years, in fact the 2.8 version used to work with plugin editors. CodeMirror can help authors catch mistakes visually while typing a code with its new syntax highlighting abilities. When a linter finds an error in your code, WordPress will prompt you to fix it and allow you to save it once is corrected.

Another interesting feature is the hinting, as you start typing your code, an autocomplete dropdown will appear and you can use your keyboard to select an option.


The Gallery Widget

This upcoming release introduces us to the Gallery widget; users can now add galleries to their sidebars. The media widget allows content that was formerly restricted to be posted on your website. Widgets used for images, video, audio and galleries will migrate, but in the meantime, WordPress users will not perceive any difference.


New Changesets Enhacements

Persistently store changes via the Customizer framework, save pending changes for any number of settings and model any object in WordPress such as options, theme mods, nav menu items, widgets and even posts. When a change is requested, it will be read and applied to the response via WordPress filters.

Only authorized users can write changes for a given setting, according to its capability. All the changes will go live together in a batch save operation.


Navigation Menu Improvements

The Customizer’s menu will now let you add a page without any problems. This issue was prior listed in older WordPress versions but now has been updated for clarity. Step by step you can create a menu and to adjust any specific scenarios. The panel will simply ask you to create a menu and the process becomes more fluent. Once the menu is done, WordPress will guide you to add items and highlight the buttons if the user can´t find it after a brief time.


Security Updates

WordPress hardened security when it comes to prohibited actions by indicating any circumstance that is not allowed to perform. Also, the switching available roles and capabilities have moved to a new function. With this any performance can become temporary, this way roles and capability will not need to be switched.


WordPress 4.9 has come to revolutionize your developing experience with more plugins options, update language files easier and most important, no bugs!


Want to Know More About WordPress 4.9? Contact CXGlobals and Get a Consultation!

Avoiding The 4 Most Common Mistakes When Publishing Blog Articles

It is time to re plan your whole marketing strategy focusing on your audience and their demands. Let´s check the most common mistakes businesses do when it comes to branding and digital presence.

Being Too Sales Oriented

Of course the #1 goal for companies is to improve their sales, but consider entertaining your audience as well. Create educational and informative content that will engage to your visitors. Your audience will get to know you better showing your creative and fun side. Explicitly promoting your brand could make your consumers feel attacked at the same time they are losing interest in your company.


Not Communicating to the Proper Audience

We highly recommend on making a research on your audience interests and demands. Get informed on their challenges and motivations, and create an appropriate marketing strategy. Your audience has issues, get to know them and people will engage with your content more easily. Never focus on general topics, get specific when it comes to entertaining your audience.


Posting Too Often or Never

Content creating can be difficult when there´s a lack of time and an efficient strategy. Try to make a content posting schedule and stick to it, commitment will become your best friend. Developing a content topic strategy will make you save time and headaches, there are some days that the creativity is zero, but a list of potential topics will make your content struggle a little bit more enjoyable. Avoid random content and overwhelming for your consumers.


Getting Too Serious on Your SEO

Any content marketing strategy should start with an effective keyword research campaign, but we have a couple advices to keep in mind. Your company should communicate to people, not for Google. Remember that your potential clients are people, ley your communication be approachable. Also, link building on your content shouldn't be your main priority, focus more on topic ideas that can relate to your keyword research.


Want to Know More? Approach to Us and Perfect your Content Marketing Strategy!

Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2018

Lets get ready for next year digital trends by mastering your SEO strategy. Apply the right SEO with these powerful trends and tools that will help you achieve your digital goals:

Keyword Research

Get a list of the best keyword tools of this year like Google’s Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and Searchmetrics. You need to get informed about your industry and latest trends general with other tools provided by Google. Also, is very helpful to keep an eye on your competitors by ranking them and the keywords they are using. Focus on new keyword opportunities so you can build additional and fresh content, remember that your audience has needs and their interests are constantly changing.


On Page SEO

On this part you should re-do your whole digital strategy basing on longer content and applying relevant topics. Once your keyword research is done, add them throughout your content, it can be at the title, header, sub headers and paragraphs. Optimize your link structure by adding 2-3 links per article, of course; publish relevant blog posts within your site. Remember to ensure that your content is been properly optimized.


Mobile SEO

Your site needs to be mobile friendly in order to be accessible for everyone. On 2017,more Google searches take place on mobile devices in countries like USA and Japan. With tools like Google Developers, you can upload images and create interactive content. Rank your website on mobile search and get the best results next time someone is browsing the net.


Re-Plan your Content Marketing Strategy

Engage the curiosity of your visitors with interesting content, this way your SEO rankings will improve. We recommend tools for content ideas such as Reddit, Quora and Alltop, get inspired and create great articles using worldwide trends. Consider using effective titles and intriguing words on your content, allow your visitors to get to know you on a creative way. For your content creation and marketing, Google Trends will be your best ally; you will instantly know what’s going on your country or around the world.


Want to Know More on How to Improve your SEO Strategy? Contact Us For a Consulting!



How to Improve Business to Business Communication

A full marketing strategy should be your cornerstone and a priority to help increasing leads and turning your brand into an industry influencer. Organizations that manage Business to Business (B2B) communications behave than companies that sell directly to the consumer or individual customers; therefore, your approach should be focused on the industry’s best practices and current trends.

These 5 tips will provide you with useful strategies you can implement today to transform your B2B marketing.


  1. Publish Testimonials

A recent study shows that 62% of companies use testimonials on their website or any marketing event. Most of the B2B buyers make purchases after reading a recommendation. Your customer’s decisions may be affected by trust issues, so we advice you to leverage any customer testimonial available so you can provide and extra peace of mind when your customers are ready to engage. Transparency is the key to any purchasing decision.


  1. Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

The way you approach your potential customers can be critical on B2B messaging. This means that you need a strong Social Media presence more and more now days, avoiding potential clients never reaching your company. Business to Customer approach has a different angle, their results are more underwhelmed. A successful B2B company understands current and potential client’s demands and is always developing a relationship of trust.


  1. Get Better Traffic by Constantly Blogging

Inform and communicate what you can do. Increase the traffic of your online channels with blogging and attract prospects providing them with interesting data. You may be surprised that 62% of B2B companies that blog generate more leads per month compared with those who don´t.  Also, 43% of bloggers have acquired a client from their blog strategy. Make sure to target your content, this way you will attract those companies that are really interested in your products and services.


  1. Webinars and Seminars

Expose your company providing conferences and approach to those that are more likely to research online videos. Millenials  tend to value more online conferences or explanatory graphics. Communicate about what your company can offer as an added value, do it with your own voice and be a useful resource of information for the upcoming generations.

  1. Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile

It has been stated the importance of Social Media presence, and for B2B industries it is mandatory to have a compelling LinkedIn profile. 1 out of every 3-business people has a profile on this platform and 45% of LinkedIn content readers, are C-Level Executives, Managers, etc. Boost this Social Media platform to leverage your marketing strategy and generate more potential leads easier than other social media channels related to B2B.


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Successful Case: Consensus Colombia

Consensus Colombia is a SAP Business One Gold Partner who was facing difficulties on its presence and visibility online, which was affecting their sales and online marketing efforts. These issues were not reflecting their powerful IT solutions and came to CXGlobals looking for help and digital advice.

The Solution

During a six months process, we were able to implement a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and a Conversion Rate

Optimization(CRO) plan in order to increase presence, visibility and traffic to their website. CXGlobals help Consenus Colombia to improve a 600% more traffic and these leads will eventually become into sales.

Our CRO plan included the creation of a 404 Error page to keep visitors browsing if a page was broken or missing. A search box was implemented as well to provide visitors quick and easy information.

The plan also included a ̈Thank you ̈ page to be able to track website ́s contact forms in Google Analytics. CXGlobals improve their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and make it visible on the home page. Finally, the content was also improved for an optimized conversion and effectiveness.

The Process

CXGlobals dedicated by doing a full study of their website SEO and CRO speaking, in order to improve the leads and conversions. We developed a custom plan based on the results to improve the opportunities and marketing objectives. Some technical improvements were added to the SEO process like site speed optimization, canonical redirect, 404 Error Page and new Meta tags for each page.

Consensus Colombia is now able to measure leads through trackingpages created by CXGlobals. The overall process has improved,navigation and user experience. Is this what you are looking for? Contact CXGlobals at

Boosting Digital Presence for Siemens Partners in LATAM

Siemens established a partnership with CXGlobals to optimize the Digital Marketing landscape for their partners in Latin America. The main goal was to increase online presence through their digital channels, with a custom product Landing Page, and Search Engine Optimization for the newly created asset.

Finally, Siemens can promote solutions and campaigns with a successful social campaign.


X-Plan is a Siemens partner in Argentina with over 25 years on the development market, sales and implementation of software for Engineering, Planification and Production Control. CXGlobals helped by creating content, improve website speed and constant updating with blogs.




Another partner from Argentina that commercializes design softwares and emphasizes on analysis, robotics and digital factory. Their main area of improvement was the constant update of their website and thanks to reference links the organic traffic increased.



In this case we worked on a brand-new website and fixed broken links, also the improvement of the website´s speed was a must. We created the content and keywords implementation for this Colombian partner that also offers engineering services.



FIXPLM is the biggest Brazilian partner of Siemens with over 10 years on the market offering high technology solutions. We dedicated ourselves to create a sitemap, fix broken links and implemented a better keyword research. Also, their website is now being updated with blogs and reference link.



Smart PLM

For this Brazilian partner, we developed strategies to increase their organic traffic such as content generation and link building with blogs. This partner offers custom made solutions for product generation.



PLMX Brazil

Being the main partner of Citrix Systems and offering technological solutions, they needed a Sitemap and a keyword research implementation on their two websites.


We develop custom made solutions so our partners can have a successful digital journey and increase their deals. Are you ready to take this step?  Click here and Get in Touch Today.


Arbor as an Outstanding Client for CXGlobals

Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, is driven to protect the infrastructure and ecosystem of the internet. It is the principle upon which they were founded in 2000; and remains the common thread that runs through all that they do today. Arbor’s approach is rooted in the study of network traffic. Arbor’s suite of visibility, DDoS protection and advanced threat solutions provide customers with a micro view of their network enhanced by a macro view of global internet traffic and emerging threats through their ATLAS infrastructure. Sourced from more than 300 service provider customers, ATLAS delivers intelligence based on insight into approximately 1/3 of global internet traffic. Supported by Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), smart workflows and rich user context, Arbor’s network insights help customers see, understand and solve the most complex and consequential security challenges facing their organizations.

In mid-2016, CXGlobals was approached by Arbor’s marketing team, to help build the new corporate sites for Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

The Problem: Need for new regional websites

As Arbor continued to expand in Latin America, they needed new websites to support this growth. The team at Arbor Networks wanted to work with a regional agency that understood the Latin American culture and that could be able to adapt, create and implement in Spanish and Portuguese.

The Solution

Working together with Arbor’s Marketing team, CXGlobals were able to develop three WordPress-based Websites, with a Blog and News section, and integrated with Marketo; one of the most popular Marketing Automation platforms in the market today. Along with this, CXGlobals provides monthly support for Blog article publication and website maintenance. Reporting is provided with insights of page analytics and recommendations on how to apply best practices in digital marketing.

Words from the Team

“Our Spanish and Portuguese website project began with the evaluation of five local agencies. We certainly picked the right one! The team at CXGlobals is attentive to detail, responsive, reliable, and just a pleasure to work with!” - Paula Ellis, LATAM Marketing Manager, Arbor Networks.

Their Success is also Ours

Thanks to the combined effort of a clean, simple design, and easy to update platform, the Web sites managed to perform with the following metrics.

Spanish Website:

· The site Increased the percentage of new sessions by 66% through organic traffic alone.

· A 89% goal completion increase was achieved for the Spanish website (in comparison to 2016).

Portuguese Website:




· The average session duration by visitors increased by 106% over the previous year.

· There was an 11% decrease in bounce rate.

· The site achieved a 657% increase in Goal Completions compared to same period in 2016.

· There was an increase of 75% in overall number of sessions.

5 Reasons To Share Your Content on LinkedIn

Believe it or not, LinkedIn can be a useful site for posting and get good insights. If you are wondering why your are doubting if your business needs a LinkedIn profile, specially if you are interested in engaging with other companies (B2B), check out these five advices so you can start building a full Social Media strategy that can cover your relevant audience.

1. LinkedIn can help you know your target

This Social Media platforms includes excellent insights and research tools to get a more precise target audience. You can learn on how good your posts are working, measure engagement and even create a good relationship with your audience.

2. You need to intensify your connections

Whether you have knowledge of your connections or not, you should be grateful to them and share as much content you can. It´s useful to start posting stuff about yourself and get to know you. Focus on achieving your first interaction and make an effort to generate the best first impression. Also, pay attention on who visits your page, don´t miss a chance to approach them.

3. It enhances the credibility your business needs

Remember the importance of connections? Well, those connections can lead you to a sale, employees or employers. Formality also goes hand in hand on being present on a frequent basis. Credibility equals content development. Bonus: Approach clients or businesses in a very professional way via LinkedIn.

4. Set a deal with someone from across the globe

This can´t happen on a daily basis, but business men often search for deals outside their frontiers. Maybe that very important meeting can happen via LinkedIn and your profile can show all the information businesses are searching for, of course don´t forget the follow up with the client!

5. Share you best content on this platform

When you achieve your connections and prospects is time to give your audience what they want, and that´s your original and well done content. LinkedIn will help you build your identity and demonstrate why you are the expert on certain topics. On this social media platform, you have to show you professional side and gather the ties you are looking for.

Ready to include LinkedIn on your Digital Strategies? Trust us, is the best thing you can do for an excellent digital presence.