Partnerships Lead to Outsourcing Success



Clients and outsourcing providers can enjoy long term partnerships when they work hand in hand.

Outsourcing Benefits

It is our belief that the road to a truly successful outsourcing campaign is paved with a true partnership relationship between the client and outsourcing provider. Success is mutually beneficial as it will lead to a long term contract for providing services to the client.

We have witnessed long term success especially in situations where the client appoints a point person within their company that fully understands the requirement, understands the process, and in addition frees up the time to guide the outsourced resource.

Outsourcing companies should provide the following in order to maintain the partnership:

– A dedicated project manager who is always available to make sure that client needs are met and that the team’s performance is managed.

– On time reporting in accordance with the client’s needs.

Set strategic milestones with the client and weekly calendar meetings

Have a Human Resources capacity and bench to replace or hire on demand, at no additional cost to the client. If clients are dissatisfied with the performance of one of your employees, a replacement should be brought in immediately.

Your employees have dedicated office space, computers, phones and benefits all included in the price.

– Constant updates beyond the process to see whether the client’s ROI expectations are being met.

The partnership starts with the outsourced resource becoming the client’s full time employee, enabling them to provide a streamlined representation of your company, with a company email address, and the needed time to understand your service or product. When the outsourcing service makes it their business to truly know their clients and learn their product and requirements, the relationship will truly blossom, for every interaction with the client’s prospects has a direct impact on their brand’s equity.

Proceeding with a partnership vision provides outsourcing directors, employees and business partners with aroad map for building trusted relationships and the ability to conduct successful outsourcing operations across the globe.  


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