Pillars of online marketing



Create strong relationships

Relationships: Creating strong relationship is vital for any business. Instead of constantly searching for new customers a company needs to create value for the existing customers by focusing on their needs, constantly innovating and offering quality and functional solutions.

Optimize your content for search find ability

Run a successful SEO implementation program, include popular (high search volume) or profitable (high cost per click) keywords in your website content, understand your client needs, think as a client.

Go Mobile

Your customers are constantly using their mobile devices to take action, do not waste money on digital marketing tools that are not mobile responsive.

Use the correct marketing channels and understand their audiences.

For every channel, you will need to craft a message that will resonate with that medium’s audience. Understand your audience, use info graphics and videos.

Use data sources as a strategy to improve your marketing efforts

If you have no clarity about what direction to go in, and what data sources to rely on, data won’t improve your marketing strategy.

Select your data sources carefully, since this will influence your decisions.

What data sources could help me to produce content more effectively?

For Competitor websites’ demographics and traffic: Alexa and Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

Search data for assessing interest: Google and Bing keyword tools, Wordstream, Wordtracker

Social data for assessing interest: Twitter, Facebook, Topsy, others.

Monitor how long a specific marketing campaign takes to pay for itself

Do not run a campaign without measuring your goals, document every marketing effort and the ROI received, this way you will be able to identify the most profitable resources.

Have something worth selling: Whatever you are offering, it’s got to be worth the price.

A returning customer is easier to achieved than a new customer, make sure that your clients are receiving a product or service that full fields their expectations.

Be consistent!



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