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It has been some time now, since Google rolled out its mobile search friendly algorithm update on 21st April, 2015. If you are wondering how far does the algorithm update actually leave an impact on the Internet, then here is an extracted data that you might want to look into to understand the latest geographic changes on the Search Engine Results Page.

The average percentage visibility of mobile friendly websites have increased by 12% compared to the non-friendly ones, which witnessed a somewhat slow but steady drop in their percentage visibility.

Mobile friendliness is what matters now! Almost every website today comes with a responsive web design template, leaving out one or two exceptional cases. If you are one without a mobile responsive template, then chances are that you might have started to witness a drop on the search engine results page. But it’s never too late. You can prevent your site from losing traffic by getting a responsive design template now.

However, a responsive web design is not enough when you want to improve your search engine page rank. The first thing that should come to your notice, is whether your website is user friendly when accessed through mobile devices. That means, make sure that each and every element is placed at the right place so that a user can browse through a website easily. Here are some key principles that every web designer can follow to make their site mobile user friendly.



Proper Placement Of The CTA Buttons

The CTA button is an important element for an e-commerce site and hence must be placed where it can be easily identified by a viewer. When designing a responsive website layout, keep the CTA button on the upper fold of the page. Having the CTA button above the fold makes it convenient for customers to finish off their transaction fast, instead of having to scroll further down or waiting for a landing page to load.



Well Optimized Navigation Menu

Users must be able to navigate smoothly throughout your website even when they access from a mobile device and hence, a well optimized navigation menu is a must.



Mobile Typography

In this Smartphones & Tablets age, it is perfectly clear that there is no way to ignore mobile typography. Design, development, navigation all these are important factors of responsive websites but above all of these is content structure with good readability, the 4 pillars of the most effective mobile typography are Space, Measure, The Rag, The Contrast.



Ability To Return To The Home Page With One Click

No matter how long your web page might turn out to be, make sure your viewers get to the home page instantly. This can be done by placing the logo or the header on top of the web page, which will remain fixed even when you scroll down the page. The viewer can scroll down to read more and can always return back to the home page with just a click on the logo or the header.



Proper Placement Of Ads

Ads are a good way to promote your service, but your website must not be cluttered with them. If visitors are not able to view the information for which they have come to your site in the first place, chances are that they would prefer to leave your website without proceeding to search further. You may place the ads but do ensure that viewers can easily dismiss them, if they are not interested.



The Visible Search Bar

One of the things that you would expect visitors to do the least from a mobile device, is navigate throughout the entire web page. Instead, they would prefer to use the search box for finding something quicker. Therefore, your search bar must be placed where it is easily identifiable. Place your search bar above the fold of your home page, where it can be easily visible.



Keyword Relevant Search Bar

It is not enough to simply place a search bar. Customers would be able to quickly look for products and services if the search bar comes integrated with keyword relevant filter options. In this way, customers can conveniently sort out their search, which ultimately enhances their user engagement.



Early Pop Up Of Registration Forms Is Bad

It is not a good idea to pop up your registration form just when the client enters your website to take a look. This could make them want to leave and not come back again in future. On the other hand, not everyone would prefer to subscribe to your site. So, keep that in mind if you are thinking of including a registration form. First impression always makes the lasting impression.



While these are some of the basic tips recommended by Google, there are other advanced design strategies that can improve the way your website functions, when viewed from a mobile device. If you are not specialized to build yourself a mobile responsive layout, you can contact a specialized web development firm where there are professional experts to help you out.



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