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Channel Partner Development

Online salespoints for products and services need robust platforms for secure, fast and user-friendly processes. We deliver compliant, customized solutions that meet all these requirements and more.

Why do Microsoft and SAP want to help partners grow faster?

Simply put, large software vendors like Microsoft and SAP need their partners and VAR’s to have a more significant online presence so their products can appeal to all the potential buyers that prefer doing business online. Customers increasingly look to online resources to help guide their purchase decisions. They research online, utilize social channels, and avoid speaking with sales representatives until they are ready to buy.
With over two thirds of high-tech revenue flowing through channel partners, vendors need to improve their partners’ digital marketing capabilities as well as their own. Even many highly-successful and established companies are often running on outdated websites, flawed sales funnels, and a lackluster social media presence. Vendors know this and know there is a lot of marketing potential to be exploited.

The Modern Marketing Makeover program was a collaboration with 5 Microsoft partners who were looking to build up their marketing skills and invest more in marketing to grow their companies. Our goal was to help them tackle a few foundational items and teach them to fish along the way. In partnership with CXGlobals, Microsoft helped these partners revamp their value propositions, revitalize their websites, and grow their business through an exciting digital marketing campaign.


Take Advantage of the Benefits from Partner Channels.

CXGlobals has built a reputation for delivering effective digital marketing strategies through our different partner channels. Your business may be eligible to receive funding for a digital marketing project which can include several levels of involvement and service.

Our Channel Partner Programs

Microsoft DigitalStride

Our partnership with Microsoft has been strongly consolidated for over a decade and continues to deliver an accessible route towards a digital marketing strategy and other services. We’ve helped numerous Microsoft partners develop their websites, boost audience engagement, and improve their overall digital presence.
If you are a Microsoft Partner and want to take advantage of marketing development programs, click here*

SAP Partner Benefit Catalog

Our experience working with SAP partners has lead us to become part of the SAP’s Partner Benefit Catalog. If you are part of their network, you may be eligible to receive a co-funded package for a variety of digital marketing services including website development, demand generation, conversion rate optimization, social media and more.
You can login to the SAP Partner Benefit Catalog by clicking here *
*You might be eligible to use Marketing Development Funds, or Business Development Funds

Words from Our Clients

  • Damien Rossiter

    Founder - ONGC
    "We knew we had to move on our website. It was very bland, very stagnant, and didn’t provide much information…There were so many holes that we didn’t even know were there.” By going through the steps of the Microsoft DigitalStride program, ONGC was able to address many of these issues on their website and reported a significant change in their business growth."

    Bill Durham
    CEO, Basileia

    "One of the challenges we had was that our website was getting a lot of traffic, but we weren’t getting a lot of conversions. We were getting hits for search keywords that weren’t really relevant to the services that we had, so moving to a more SEO friendly platform really helped.

    Scott Barrett
    CEO, Mico Systems

    “It is now our intention to do a lot more work and use our website on a day by day basis to support our selling.”

    Neil Abrahams,
    CEO, Innovative Corporate Solutions

    “To be successful in a digital transformation, we’ve identified that we need to stay on track with a weekly activity schedule, have metrics in place, and measure everything so it actually gets done.”

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CXGlobals delivers world-class creative and strategic solutions across digital marketing platforms. Our audience-first approach means that every idea is grounded in a deep strategic understanding of the target audience and lives in the media most relevant to them.
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