Social Media

Connect with audiences on a human level and keep your brand on their social media feeds.

Social Media is the Main
Source of Media Worldwide

We are well past the age where social media was considered a secondary media platform. Social media is here to stay and dominates our interaction with other people, businesses, and the world. According to Forbes, there are 3.8 billion active social media users in the world right now; ignoring that market simply isn’t an option.

The ability to reach out and engage directly with a targeted audience means you can skip the traditional marketing paths and go after your potential buyers on the platforms they’re using for daily communication.


How CXGlobals can help

Social media gives you an unprecedented reach at an accessible cost

Organized social media promotion is a critical factor in increasing exposure, website traffic, and overall digital marketing maturity. We’ll help you keep activity flowing across the most important social media channels where your company’s audience is likely to receive and request information. CXGS’ social media campaigns are coordinated efforts within your overall marketing goals, designed to reach out to the right audience and strengthen brand awareness.

Channel Monitoring
and Managing

Posting and publicity management for social media channels with continuous performance monitoring.


Ensure relevance and presence through multiple levels of communication and management for your brand across all the most important social media channels.

Paid Advertising

Sharp-shoot your message to the right audience with strategic paid advertising, geared towards boosting your visibility and generating demand from your marketing personas.

The R.A.C.E. Framework

Social Media applied across each phase of our methodology.


No other digital asset is more active than social media.


Improve interactions with your audience and stay on their feeds.


Your audience will click on what speaks to their interests.


Give your organization a human voice and develop two-way communication with your audience.

Do not miss out on
the largest global media market.

Reach out to your audiences when they’re paying attention.