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October 10, 2017

Successful Case: Consensus Colombia

Article by: maria-cxglobals

Consensus Colombia is a SAP Business One Gold Partner who was facing difficulties on its presence and visibility online, which was affecting their sales and online marketing efforts. These issues were not reflecting their powerful IT solutions and came to CXGlobals looking for help and digital advice.

The Solution

During a six months process, we were able to implement a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and a Conversion Rate

Optimization(CRO) plan in order to increase presence, visibility and traffic to their website. CXGlobals help Consenus Colombia to improve a 600% more traffic and these leads will eventually become into sales.

Our CRO plan included the creation of a 404 Error page to keep visitors browsing if a page was broken or missing. A search box was implemented as well to provide visitors quick and easy information.

The plan also included a ̈Thank you ̈ page to be able to track website ́s contact forms in Google Analytics. CXGlobals improve their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and make it visible on the home page. Finally, the content was also improved for an optimized conversion and effectiveness.

The Process

CXGlobals dedicated by doing a full study of their website SEO and CRO speaking, in order to improve the leads and conversions. We developed a custom plan based on the results to improve the opportunities and marketing objectives. Some technical improvements were added to the SEO process like site speed optimization, canonical redirect, 404 Error Page and new Meta tags for each page.

Consensus Colombia is now able to measure leads through trackingpages created by CXGlobals. The overall process has improved,navigation and user experience. Is this what you are looking for? Contact CXGlobals at  info@cxglobals.com

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